Where to Use TCKL Token

TCKL is used to create, distribute and run mission campaigns.
It takes a more number of tokens to run more complicated missions, such as more detailed targeting, wider audience size, etc.
Tokens are rewarded to users when they complete mission tasks.

  • Loyalty Program: Users have higher levels depending on how long they hold TCKL tokens and how many tokens they hold. Users with higher levels can participate in a more number of missions and earn higher rewards after completing mission tasks.
  • Mission Creation: Mission creators can create additional types of missions depending on how many tokens they hold.
  • Mission Distribution: Mission creators need to hold TCKL tokens at least 2x more than the size of rewards. For example, in order to distribute 100 TCKL worth of missions, a mission creator needs to possess a minimum of 200 TCKL in their account.

Users can swap TCKL tokens with other tokens on a blockchain network. A part of TCKL tokens is reserved in the liquidity pool to enable this swap.
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