How TICKL is Different

TICKL is different from other existing reward ad platforms.
TICKL (on a blockchain)
AdiSON, Adjoe, etc. (NOT on a blockchain)
TCKL tokens work as a standard global currency to provide missions for rewards. Users can accrue rewards under a single account across multiple apps as all publishers on the TICKL platform use TCKL tokens as the same standard global currency. Users can easily swap or exchange TCKL tokens.
It’s hard to become a global platform as it needs to serve different currencies. It’s hard for users to get significant rewards as publishers have their own reward systems. Redeem option is different by country.
Transparent and Secure
All TCKL transactions are transparent and open.
Opaque and Insecure
There are lots of customer inquiries due to a lack of transparency in how much user rewards are being given.
Fair Distribution
Mission creators can see how many TCKL tokens they are paying for mission campaigns and how many of them are given to users as rewards.
Hard to know how much revenue the platform made and how much was redistributed to users.