Blockchain-based Mission Reward System

TICKL is built based on blockchain technology. All TCKL transactions are transparent and open. Issuance, transaction, and transfer of TCKL tokens work in a decentralized way. This brings transparency to the existing ad market.
TCKL tokens are ERC-20 issued on the Polygon network. Through many other projects, it's proven to be stable and scalable. TICKL project chose a low-risk solution to provide a stable service.
TCKL token swap uses automated market making (AMM) technology. TCKL swap pool is built on Uniswap that uses AMM technology. Therefore, its operation is transparent, open and stable.
TCKL tokens can be transferred based on smart contracts. Creation, distribution and execution of mission campaigns trigger TCKL token transactions. A certain amount of TCKL tokens can be put in the liquidity pool or burned. Each activity is performed and logged on a respective smart contract. This enables TICKL to operate in a more transparent and flexible way.