TICKL Whitepaper

Types of Missions

There are several types of missions that can be used in various ways.
  • In-app action type: It rewards users to complete specific in-app actions. App developers or publishers can create this type of mission. For example, a publisher for a study timer app can create a mission that provides TCKL tokens as rewards to users who studied for more than 1 hour. Publishers need authentication on the TICKL platform in order to create in-app action type missions. Publishers also need to call a mission complete API for SDK integration. Please refer to the developer documentation for details.
  • Landing page type: It rewards users to visit a landing page. Most commonly, advertisers create this type of mission to promote products. Users get TCKL rewards when they visit a specific landing page.
  • Quiz type (coming soon): It rewards users to take a quiz and give a correct answer. Mission creators can add a link to a website to get traffic and give a quiz hint with content or even a link to a youtube link to find an answer in the video. Mission creators can be advertisers or individual users.
  • Q&A type (coming soon): It rewards users to answer a question. Users can create a mission to get an answer to a problem in mind. Advertisers can create a mission to get opinions or answers from diverse users.