Mobile Ad Market

Growing Mobile Ad Market

According to Statista Research Department (Feb 17, 2022), Global mobile advertising spending will reach nearly 413 billion by 2024. (refer to Statista 2022)

Major Problems in Mobile Ad Market

There are major problems in this fast-growing mobile ad market; (1) high ad commission fees and (2) fraud.
The commission fee of most programmatic ads is as high as 80% of the total ad spend because they run through DSP, SSP and Ad-Exchange. Due to this high commission fee, ad spend is often not spent to provide quality services to publishers or users.
Fraud is another big issue. Ad fraud is the practice of fraudulently representing traffic, clicks, impressions, conversions, or data events. Ad fraud is estimated to account for around 50% of total mobile ads.
These 2 issues occur due to a lack of transparency in the current mobile ad ecosystem. Big ad tech companies such as Google and Facebook don’t publicly open how and from where they make ad revenue and how they distribute it. Bringing transparency to the ad industry will help solve these 2 major problems.

How TICKL Tackles the Issues in Mobile Ad Market

Ad system of TICKL is to bring more transparency to the market. All ad spending is based on TCKL tokens, therefore all transactions with publishers and rewards for users are open and transparent. Advertisers can spend their marketing budget more efficiently and effectively based on this transparency.
Publishers and users can receive more benefits direclty through ad spend. All ad spend is transparent and open to public, leaving no room for fraud.
Publishers and users are required wait for 72 hours before they wire TCKL tokens to their wallets. These 72 hours allow TICKL to take back all the TCKL tokens earned through fraudulent activities and block fraud users.
The commission fee in TICKL ad system is only 1/5 or even 1/10 of one in the current ad system. By lowering the commission fee, values created are redistributed to advertisers and make advertising more efficient. It’s also given back to publishers and users as more benefits.
TICKL ad system helps build a healthier mobile ad ecosystem through the virtuous cycle.