Introducing TICKL
TICKL is a Web3.0 ad platform on blockchain that gives values back to participants in the ecosystem - to advertisers, publishers, and especially users - by solving 3 major problems in the current advertisement market.
TICKL Ecosystem Diagram
The problems we are trying to solve are :
  1. 1.
    users are left out in value distribution
  2. 2.
    advertisers and publishers need to pay for high distribution costs
  3. 3.
    a lack of transparency in value (re)distribution.
In the traditional ad market, users haven’t received much value in the ecosystem. While digital technology has enabled highly targeted and personalized ads based on users’ personal information and greatly benefited advertisers, users haven’t received a fair amount of rewards or protection. Although some reward ad platforms emerged as an alternative, the rewards they provided to users were incomplete, intransparent, and insufficient, which only led to consumers’ growing distrust toward the entire ad ecosystem.
TICKL uses TCKL coin, an ERC-20 utility token issued and distributed on the Ethereum blockchain network. TCKL coins function as a standard global currency that helps users get rewards for data and full access to the information on all the transactions and profit-sharing based on smart contracts.
Users also can get direct help to handle daily tasks - big and small - by creating missions and publishing them in the C2C market. For example, small business owners who don’t have enough resources to run big marketing campaigns can set missions to promote their products or attract visitors to their social media.
Users can get higher rewards and more options to create missions depending on their different levels based on their contributions to the community. The longer or the more TCKL tokens users hold, the higher levels they achieve; the higher the levels, the higher rewards they get from a mission, and also the more types of missions they can create.


TICKL: Our platform service name
TCKL: An ERC-20 utility token that is issued, distributed, and used in our service
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